March Madness

[Podcast] It’s Almost Time for Madness, Michael Pilipovich on Antonio Brown, and Friends from College S1

Welcome to Pod is Life the Podcast planting the sports flag on the entertainment universe. This week on the podcast... Brennan’s Basketball Bonanza (2:16)Skip or Stay (15:48)Weekly Wacky NBA Facts (23:04)Guest: Michael Pilipovich on Antonio Brown (26:43)Game of Thrones... Continue Reading →

Good Basketball, Bad Reports, and an Ugly End to a Season

Welcome back to another edition of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly where we break down three things from the past week in sports that vary from great to... well, not so great. Let's dive right in... The Good:... Continue Reading →

[Podcast] College Basketball, Heat talk with Mike Saenz from Sir Charles in Charge, and Three Identical Strangers

Welcome to Pod is Life the Podcast planting the sports flag on the entertainment universe. On this week's episode... Brennan’s Basketball Bonanza (3:05)Manny Machado and Bryce Harper signings (27:25)Weekly Wacky NBA Facts (32:55)Special Guest Michael Saenz talking Miami Heat... Continue Reading →

Sports Streaks That Ended in 2018

Welcome to 2019! A new year full to the brim with endless possibilities. I mean, did you see some of the things that happened this past year? Milwaukee Brewers ended their seven year postseason absence Behind an MVP caliber season... Continue Reading →

[Podcast] Tiger is back, GLOW, and NKU Director of Basketball Operations Parker Payne

Hello and welcome to Pod is Life the weekly podcast planting the sports flag on the entertainment universe!   On today’s episode we talk through the PGA Championship including deciding once and for all if Tiger is back (2:16).... Continue Reading →

Podcast: Villanova wins it all, The Weekend is back and Will Smith meets a robot

On the second episode of Pod is Life, Brennan and Harry tie up all March Madness loose ends with a full recap of the Final Four and Championship game for both the men's and women's brackets, with a few Sister Jean... Continue Reading →

Why Every Team in the Final Four Will (and Won’t) Win It All

A little over two weeks ago 68 teams set off on this wild ride known as the NCAA Tournament with hopes of being the last team left standing when the confetti falls and one shinning moments begins to play. Today... Continue Reading →

Cooking up an NCAA Champion

Award winning cooks may have different personalities, experience and skills that set them apart from each other but they all bear a uniting common thread, a set of tools that lets them do their job. Whether a baker is making... Continue Reading →

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