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[Podcast] NBA Playoffs Heat Up, Spurs Season Recap with Boyd, and Guava Island

Welcome to Pod is Life the Podcast planting the sports flag on the entertainment universe. NFL Draft (1:55) NBA Playoffs Second Round (16:35) Spurs Season Recap with Boyd (32:23) Guava Island (48:03) Closing Thoughts (1:07:08) If you like our... Continue Reading →

January Streaming Power Rankings

Honorable Mention: HBO While not making the medal stand this month HBO still deserves a shout out for releasing the first teaser trailer for the final season of Game of Thrones, set to air in April. Bronze: Amazon After a... Continue Reading →

The Bandersnatch Dilemma and the Future of Streaming

Black Mirror released their first full length feature film on Netflix right before the end of the year like a final holiday present left under the tree. Similar to the rest of the content from the Black Mirror family, the... Continue Reading →

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