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Cavs In 6

What do you get when you lose a 3-1 lead in the NBA Finals after posting the best regular season record in NBA history?  Kevin Durant, a former league MVP, super efficient scorer, and the biggest obstacle to your ability... Continue Reading →

Lord Stanley’s Cup

This NHL post-season has been nothing short of intriguing.  We have seen a lot of the same mixed in with some new and surprising results as well.  As the chase for the most hallowed trophy in American sports comes to... Continue Reading →

The Chicago Blackhawks: The End of a Dynasty? Or The NHL’s Plan for Parity Winning Out?

Not too long ago I found myself with some rare free time and I did with it what any other rabid fan of a particular sports team does.  I reveled in the memory of the recent success of my Chicago... Continue Reading →

Why the Grizzlies Coach’s “Take that for Data” Rant was Wrong

David Fizdale sat down in front the media following his team’s game two 96 – 82 loss to the Spurs. It was far from a usual post-game interview as the Grizzlies coach proceeded to rip the referees for what he... Continue Reading →

Biggest Winners, Losers, and Surprises in the First Round of the NFL Draft

In a stunning turn of events Thursday night the Chicago Bears traded up one pick to take Mitch Trubisky from North Carolina at number two. I am truly torn on this decision by the Bears front office. I know a... Continue Reading →

We Joined The Sporting Edge to Talk NBA Playoffs

Make sure you check out our team joining The Sporting Edge to talk all things NBA Playoffs, NBA MVP and the New York Knicks struggles. Link here: Feel free to subscribe to The Sporting Edge and see all their previous... Continue Reading →

What the hell is an MVP anyway?

Very soon a panel of 130 writers and broadcasters will be given a ballot and an impossible task to accomplish. They will determine who is going to receive the 2016-2017 NBA Most-Valuable-Player (MVP) award. No matter what they decide there... Continue Reading →

Baseball is BACK

Take me out to the ballgame. Opening week of Major League Baseball has come and gone, and baseball is back!  As I spent Opening Day yelling at the TV as my Cleveland Indians got down early, I had to remind... Continue Reading →

North Carolina raised the trophy but South Carolina won March Madness

It was an ugly foul ridden game late Monday night but North Carolina prevailed to become the redeem team and enjoy their one shining moment as March Madness Champions. And yet even as the championship game started it seemed that... Continue Reading →

Sweet Sixteen Matchups

After the first weekend of March Madness provided some excitement, not as many “upsets” as usual in the first day due to horrendous mis-seedings (yeah, I’m bitter as a Dayton alumni) there is still a lot to look forward to. ... Continue Reading →

Parker and Embiid: An Injury Away from Rose

Injuries are the bane of sports fans everywhere. They can ruin a season, a playoff run, and sometimes a player’s career. Thankfully as technology and medicine have progressed the severity and occurrence of injuries have lessened but every now and... Continue Reading →

NBA Trade-by-Trade Breakdown

While only one major name jumped teams this trade deadline there still was plenty of re-positioning and excitement that happened along the way. We're going to break every trade down starting with the earliest and biggest trade: Winner: Pelicans Anytime you... Continue Reading →

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