Carnival Row Is The Fantasy You Wish Game of Thrones Was

Amazon Video's Carnival Row is a true fantasy story with prophecies, dark magic, different creatures, and a hoard of mysteries.

Stranger Things Is Leaving Hawkins Too Late

This past week Netflix announced that they had renewed their 80's sci-fi series Stranger Things for a fourth season. The news coincided with Stranger Things releasing a brief teaser trailer saying, "We're not in Hawkins anymore."

Amazon’s The Boys Is Great

Amazon Video's latest feature, The Boys, is an irreverent take on the negative impact of Superheroes on society. The eight episode series follows Huey and Annie, a local tech store employee and an up and coming superhero, as they both... Continue Reading →

No Need To Panic, Netflix Is Fine

Last month the news broke that for the first time in eight years Netflix lost paid subscribers in the United States. For a company that created a multi-billion dollar marketplace out of the lost and misfit IP of others, the public was quick to (over)react to the news.

NBA Draft Recap, NCAA vs Amateurs & Black Mirror S5

The NBA Draft has come and gone with little to no surprises at the top, there is an important update in the NCAA's quest against amateurism, and this week's deep dive on an episode of Black Mirror Season 5. Continue Reading →

[Podcast] Curry and LeBron Comparisons, Baker Mayfield vs Duke Johnson, & Game of Thrones Final Season

The NBA Finals continue to roll on, Baker Mayfield is in the cross-hairs of the media, and we wrap up our Game of Thrones coverage. NBA Finals Recap ( 1:02) The Curry and LeBron Comparisons (11:30) Kawhi Leonard is... Continue Reading →

[Podcast] Top 5 Game of Thrones Episodes, Questions We Won’t Get Answered, and…Sports!

Now that Game of Thrones is over it's time to look back in the first of our two part series examining the cultural phenomenon that has fans up in arms after its final episode. Sports! (0:20) Top 5 Game... Continue Reading →

[Podcast] NBA Playoffs Heat Up, Spurs Season Recap with Boyd, and Guava Island

Welcome to Pod is Life the Podcast planting the sports flag on the entertainment universe. NFL Draft (1:55) NBA Playoffs Second Round (16:35) Spurs Season Recap with Boyd (32:23) Guava Island (48:03) Closing Thoughts (1:07:08) If you like our... Continue Reading →

The Umbrella Academy Was Surprisingly Delightful

Netflix's new original series The Umbrella Academy shined in every area where the traditional superhero show fails. Two common tropes that trip up even the best super hero stories are the origin story and time travel. The Umbrella Academy's simple... Continue Reading →

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