December 2017

2017 Year in Review

What a year in the world of sports! We covered a lot this year as Game 7 Sports got its first full calendar year under its belt so thank you for being a part of it! Whether you caught everything... Continue Reading →

GBU: End of the NFL Season and Start of Bowl Mania

We are headed into the last week of the NFL season and the Cleveland Browns still do not have a win on their resume. Facing rival Pittsburgh, the Browns have a very good chance to finish the season with the... Continue Reading →

My NBA Christmas Wishlist

I made a list and checked it twice. After months of preparation I know exactly what the big man in red (Not Robin Lopez) needs to bring the NBA in 2018: A Healthy 76ers Playoff Run The Philadelphia 76ers are... Continue Reading →

GBU: Lane, LeBron & Jeter

Week 15 of the NFL has come and gone and we are no closer to knowing what a catch is. An electric Steelers vs Patriots match-up was derailed when a late game touchdown call was overturned, securing New England's victory.... Continue Reading →

GBU: Snow, Upsets & Injuries

Oklahoma Sooner former walk-on and now star quarterback Baker Mayfield is your 2017 NCAA Heisman recipient! Some minor off the field concerns didn't derail Mayfield's campaign as he collected 86% of the total possible voting points. December means snow football... Continue Reading →

Don’t Forget About the Lakers Other Young Star

This NBA season has proved to be as good as advertised from all the activity of the offseason.  With the Paul George rumors, Kyrie demanding to be traded, Chris Paul to the Rockets, and Russell Westbrook and Joel Embiid contract... Continue Reading →

GBU: College Football Playoff, New Coaches and Lavar Ball

The College Football Playoff is set and would look at that there is controversy abound! The same rule that got Ohio State in last year unfortunately has them on the outside looking in this year. Tiger Woods is.... back? Tiger... Continue Reading →

Rapid Reaction: College Football Playoff

The committee came out with its final four rankings for the College Football Playoff, and it provided more scrutiny than the 2016 Presidential Election.  The only thing missing is the equivalent hashtag of #NotMyPresident to #NotMyFinalFour.  The committee operates by... Continue Reading →

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